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Your purchase helps to support our mission, and will help us to save lives through education. 

Red All Over Tee ($50)

Adult Size Red T-Shirt


Blue Billboard Tee ($40)

Adult Size Blue T-Shirt


Bias Basher Tee ($35)

Adult Size White T-Shirt


Kids - Red All Over Tee ($30)

Kid Size Red T-Shirt


Kids - Blue Billboard Tee ($25)

Kid Size Blue T-Shirt


Kids - Bias Basher Tee ($20)

Kid Size White T-Shirt

”SIZE : Hoodie ($70) Hoodie

”SIZE : Cap ($30) Baseball Cap Face Mask ($19.99)

Racial Bias Dot Org offers genuine N95 filtering facepiece respirators, the kind that keep critical care hospital workers save against COVID-19 exposure. Our washable, soft, comfortable reusable masks offer the highest possible quality. Support our mission and stay safe when doing so.