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We are dedicated to ending discrimination in all of its forms against all people, including those with learning disabilities, and those of every race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and persuasion. We help law enforcement organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, branches of national military organizations, and individuals confront bias – conscious and unconscious – with a sophisticated pedagogy developed in association with a 24 year veteran university professor, Elizabeth Cox-Schlosser, Ph.D. Dr. Cox-Schlosser’s successfully defended Ph.D. dissertation could not have been more appropriately titled for what our nation and our world faces and needs today, i.e. “Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Implicit Bias: Implications for Closing the Achievement Gap.” (see: Dr. Schlosser measures subjects’ degree of implicit bias as an Official Licensee of the Harvard University Implicit Association Test (IAT) bias measurement tool.


After training an organization’s participants, we provide ongoing long-term followup and we furnish reports containing detailed analyses of our findings and our recommendations for both short term and long term organizational improvement.


We change the mindset of those who practice hate or discrimination, both wittingly and unwittingly.


The unprecedented collaboration between an African-American female Ph.D. university professor who was born, raised, and educated in the Deep South and an African-American male who was educated at the world’s foremost Ivy League institutions and who was both the first, and often the only African-American scholar and executive at the universities and corporations at which he trailblazed, presents a similarly unprecedented opportunity to transform organizations from both the top down and the bottom up.


Racia Bias Dot Org is the optimal solution to help imbue every member of an organization with a mindset of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of others.