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Celebrating AMERICAN Achievement

As part of recognizing and showcasing the achievements of living legends of color who endured and survived the pernicious effect of America’s Jim Crow era, on Friday July 29, 2022 Racial Bias Dot Org, Inc. celebrated the life achievements of the world’s oldest living Black Olympian who is America’s oldest living Black Olympic Medalist, the legendary Herbert P. Douglas, Jr.  Mr. Douglas, who has lived in Philadelphia, PA for more than a half century, celebrated his 100th birthday at a star studded black tie gala at the Senator John P. Heinz History Center and Sports Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. on March 12, 2022.  Mr Douglas’ most fervent birthday wish was for all-time great singer/songwriter, Stevie Wonder, to sing Mr. Wonder’s iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. version of “Happy Birthday To You.”  As per the video at the following link, Leland Hardy made that dream come true for Mr. Douglas when he had Stevie Wonder call his cell phone so that he could put Stevie on speakerphone for all of the hundreds of guests in attendance at Mr. Douglas’ birthday gala to enjoy over the museum’s public address system.

The Racial Bias Dot Org, Inc. social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion organization sponsored the street renaming ceremony and the Strivers Row Media, Inc. public relations, marketing, crisis management, and media advisory firm initiated the street renaming process, wrote the legislation for its unanimous City Council of Philadelphia resolution, and handled PR for the event which garnered national and international TV feature coverage on ABC, Fox, CNN, HLN, and elsewhere.