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End Unconscious Bias focuses on transforming organizations in particular and society in general. We work directly with CEOs and senior leaders of organizations to help transform them from the top down and from the inside out, permeating all levels and all sectors of them. We help to reinforce corporate brand values and to inculcate in every employee or member an ethos of fairness, inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance.


We live our buzz words: love, faith, peace, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, empathy, mercy, kindness, honesty, contrition, and openness.


Through a combination of practical in-office or in-classroom teaching, customized curricula, collateral materials, unique role playing exercises, and the actual measurement of individuals’ biases, we help clients dig deep within themselves to identify implicit biases and areas of personal development potential.


Our principal focus areas are law enforcement organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, and jails, prisons, and other large organizations.

Leland Hardy

Implicit Bias Training of the NOPD 7-15-20

Corporations and Large Organizations